Documentary 360º

“The Echoing of Fire and Life” is a documentary filmed in 360 degrees, during the 2017 Moors and Christians Festival held in the town of Biar, in Spain, between the 10th and 13th of May.T

The 14-minute piece is available in both Spanish and English narrations.


The documentary allows you to experience the festival parades from within, as if you were one of the participants, but from home, using Virtual Reality headsets or with mobile devices, computers or tablets. The short film is aimed at an international audience and thus it explores the concept and historical origin behind the Moors and Christians Festival, as well as the acts that compose it.

The Moors and Christians Festival of Biar recalls the conflict between the Almohads, a Moorish people, and the troops of King James I of Aragon The Conqueror which took place in the year 1245. The festivities began centuries ago and are dedicated to the Virgin Mare de Déu de Gracia. Among its most outstanding acts are “La Entrada” (“The Entrance”) on May 10th, “La Bajada de la Virgen” (“The Carrying of the Virgin”), the lighting of hundreds of bonfires in the mountains surrounding the town, as well as “El Baile de los Espias” (“The Spies’ Dance”) which takes place in the afternoon of May 11th and concludes with the arrival at the castle installed in the main square of the effigy of La Mahoma.

This year 2020, The Festival has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for this reason, the premiere of the documentary is been on the same day the Festival starts every year.